The Food Bank is a place where companies or individuals can come to deposit / donate their unused or unwanted foods which will then be collected and allocated to the less-fortunate in Singapore via channels such as charities and soup kitchens. 

We sort and store these food items in our warehouse, then distribute and deliver them to more than 130 member beneficiaries. Our member beneficiaries then provide the food to all the food-insecure.

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Food Insecurity is defined as the lack of physical and/or economic access to sufficient, safe and
nutritious food. It is the worry of not knowing when your next meal is coming. Singaporeans who face severe food insecurity experience not just difficulties in access, but also actual physical hunger.


Singapore is known and loved by all as a food paradise. As a nation of food-lovers, it's easy to forget that sometimes, not every Singaporean has the privilege of being a food-lover too. We created the #HungrySpoon to shed light on the problem of food insecurity faced by the less-fortunate, in hopes that we can make our Singaporean food paradise into one that can be enjoyed by all. 


An estimated 158,000 Singaporeans are facing severe food insecurity – that means, beyond difficulties in accessing regular & nutritious meals, they are facing real hunger. The beneficiaries receiving help from the Food Bank include senior citizens, those stricken by medical conditions, and even young children. We believe that no one should ever go to bed hungry.


For every donation of $2, one meal is funded for a beneficiary. Together, we can let the feeding begin.

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